About Fluoropolymers Image

About Fluoropolymers

Fluoropolymers That Support Our Daily Lives With Their Various Properties And Excellent Stability

Fluoropolymers have excellent thermal resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance, and electrical properties, as well as unique properties such as non-adhesiveness and slipperiness.
Taking advantage of these properties, fluoropolymers are used in diverse applications from semiconductors to aircraft, automobiles, information and communication equipment, gas and chemical fields, and familiar household products.

Features of Fluoropolymers

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Thermal Resistance Image

Thermal Resistance

Resistant to heat

Thermal Resistance
Chemical Resistance/Solvent Resistance Image

Chemical Resistance
Solvent Resistance

Resistant to almost all chemicals and solvents

Chemical Resistance/Solvent Resistance
Corrosion Resistance Image

Corrosion Resistance

Excellently resistant to corrosion

Corrosion Resistance
Non-Adhesiveness/Mold Releasability Image

Mold Releasability

Difficult to stick together

Non-Adhesiveness/Mold Releasability
Slipperiness (Lubricity) Image

Slipperiness (Lubricity)

Low coefficient of friction

Slipperiness (Lubricity)
Stain resistance Image

Stain resistance

Stain resistant

Stain resistance
Low permeability Image

Low permeability

Less permeable to gas and water vapor

Low permeability
Cleanliness Image


Maintaining cleanliness

Insulation Image


Hard to conduct electricity