Piezoelectric Cable Sensor (PICLIA) Image

Piezoelectric Cable Sensor (PICLIA)

[Developed product] PICLIA Piezoelectric Cable Sensor

The “PICLIA Piezoelectric Cable Sensor” is a flexible and thread-like thin piezoelectric sensor with the highest level of thermal resistance. * Max: 120°C
PICLIA piezoelectric cable sensors can be used in applications such as Security, Wearables, Medical and Nursing Care, Robotics, and Sports, as well as In-Vehicle and Industrial Equipment.


  • This is a cable-shaped piezoelectric sensor.
  • Sensing of pressure, vibration, shock, bending, torsion, strain, and vital signals by a thread-like thin cable
  • Sensing even through gloves or clothing allowed by responding to physical deformation
  • High-precision sensor capable of sensing slight changes such as heartbeat and respiration signals
  • Sensing by self-power generation; No need to supply power to the sensor ⇒ Low power consumption
  • Robust and long cable that is difficult to break; Capable of cutting at any point for use.
  • Less susceptible to noise, with the same structure as that of coaxial cables
  • Capable of using even if it gets wet or in water
  • Highest level of thermal resistance as a flexible piezoelectric sensor ⇒ Max 120°C (our conventional product = 85 °C)

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Application Examples

[Crime prevention]
Detecting invasion and wind pressure by laying out the cable throughout the area
Measuring heartbeat/respiration with the cable woven into fibers
Medical and Nursing Care [Monitoring] Monitoring of behavior and health with chair, bed, handrail, foot mat, etc.
Robot-Related [Haptic, Muscle] Tactile sensors for robot hands and strain sensors for soft robotics
Sports [Measurement] Measurement of heart rate and respiration with wear, shoes, etc., for sports science
Automotive [Automatic Driving] CASE: Detection of abnormal body condition
* Detection of vitals, shift in center of gravity, and bumper collision
Industrial Equipment [Measurement, Prediction] Monitoring of vibration of equipment = Predictive maintenance of deterioration, and remote maintenance
Others [Detection of Structural Deterioration] Detection of deterioration of columns and beams of important cultural properties
* Installing by tying without making holes
Overall Cable Sensor
Overall Cable Sensor
Structural Diagram of Cable Sensor
Structural Diagram of Cable Sensor