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Sealing Materials in special shapes that utilize our unique structural analysis technology. We propose the sealing materials for solutions to problems.

Many of our proposed products have been adopted in the semiconductor field.

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Case02.Fluoropolymer Coatings

We have developed coating materials with our original formulation technology to improve the durability of coating films at high temperatures.

We achieved highly durable coating films in high temperature environments by combining a special surface pretreatment process. This coating has been adopted by our customers.

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ULSHEED is a differentiated coating material that utilizes DAIKIN FINETECH's original formulation technology.

ULSHEED has greatly improved the cleanliness and durability of coating films, which are indispensable in the semiconductor field, and has been adopted by many customers.

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Case04.Fluoropolymer Processed Products

Among fluoropolymers, PCTFE in particular has unique properties. DAIKIN FINETECH has focused on these properties for many years. PCTFE products have been commonly used as key parts of semiconductor devices. DAIKIN FINETECH produces and processes them in a clean environment in order to meet the demands of the semiconductor field.

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Case05.TRC Series

The TRC series offer the contradictory performance having both of conductivity, to eliminate problems with semiconductor devices caused by static electricity, and cleanliness, which have been adopted by our customers.