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Fluoropolymer Multilayer Laminates

We Have The Technology To Bond Fluoropolymer Film To Different Materials.

We provide products produced by bonding non-adhesive fluoropolymers with other materials using our unique bonding technology. With a stable quality, the products have been adopted by many customers both in Japan and overseas.

Electret (Permanent Charge)

We provide stable materials for electrets taking advantages of the electrical properties of fluoropolymers. Some of our products have the largest share of the global market due to their high quality.

Electret (Permanent Charge)
Electret (Permanent Charge) Structural Diagram

Application Examples

  • Electret condenser microphones (ECMs)
  • Electrostatic induction power generation materials

Application Examples of Electret Electrostatic Induction Watch (World's First)

Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. developed the world's first "electrostatic induction watch" that has two functions, "electrostatic induction power generation" and "electrostatic induction motor", using the phenomenon of static electricity, and released it from ACCUTRON, its affiliated American brand.
DAIKIN FINETECH's fluoropolymer film laminated products are used in this "electrostatic induction power generation" and "electrostatic induction motor".

Electrostatic Induction Watch


"Electrostatic induction" is a phenomenon in which, when the electrically charged object is brought close to the conductor (a material that conducts electricity), an electric charge of a reverse polarity from the electrically charged object is attracted to the surface of the conductor.
Electric power is generated through electrostatic induction by two rotors located at 5 o'clock/7 o'clock rotating at high speed with the arms swung by the power generating turbine.
This power is stored in a secondary battery and used to power the rotor, located at 10 o'clock, operating as an electrostatic induction motor that drives the second hand.

Electrostatic Induction Watch DAIKIN FINETECH Laminated Film
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