Fluoropolymer (Perfluoroelastomer) Sealing Material (DUPRA)

Fluoropolymer (Perfluoroelastomer) Sealing Material (DUPRA)

Daikin Ultra Pure Rubber Arts

What is DUPRA?

DUPRA is a perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) product with rubber elasticity provided by DAIKIN FINETECH of Daikin Group.

Similar to polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Perfluoroelastomer features with diverse excellent performances such as thermal resistance, chemical resistance, non-adhesiveness, and weather resistance.

The polymer backbone of Perfluoroelastomer is composed of carbon and fluorine (C-F), which is higher and more stable binding energy than that of carbon and hydrogen (C-H) which are the backbone of common organic compounds, and thus Perfluoroelastomer demonstrates a high resistance performance to all external energies.

* An elastomer refers to a polymeric material capable of being deformed upon application of a weak force and quickly returning to its original size and shape upon release of the applied force, allowed by crosslinking the constituent high molecular polymers.

Thermal Resistance,Chemical Resistance,Gas Resistance,Low Outgassing,Cleanliness,Plasma Resistance

DUPRA Product Lineup

Recommended Processes Thermal Process
Plasma Process
Cleaning Process
Product Lineup DU351 DU353 (E) DU551 DU3R1 (E) DU341 DU354
Features Standard Thermal Resistance Super Thermal Resistance Plasma Resistance Fluorine Radical Resistance Chemical Resistance
Appearance DU351 Product Photo DU353(E) Product Photo DU551 Product Photo DU3R1(E) Product Photo DU341 Product Photo DU354 Product Photo
Color Black Black Black Red Brown Black
Thermal Resistant Temperature for Continuous Use (Reference) [℃] 290 295 300 295 295 290
Thermal Resistant Temperature (Reference) [℃] 310 310 330 305 305 300
Hardness(1)《ShoreA》 74 77 75 74 72 75
Tensile Strength(2) [MPa] 19.0 18.6 17.5 15.0 14.0 16.1
Elongation at Break(2) [%] 200.0 205.0 170.0 260.0 250.0 205.0
100% Modulus(2) [MPa] 5.2 6.0 7.4 5.2 2.6 6.0
Permanent Compression Set(3) After 70 Hours at 250°C [%] 10 8 8 12 10 32
After 70 Hours at 300°C [%] 30 24 18 33 30
Option: Low Adherence Grade

Features of DUPRA by Article No.

Article No. Features
DU351 Thermal resistance and chemical resistance superior to fluoroelastomers (FKM).
Standard DUPRA article with very low metal content.
DU353 (E) Standard article for thermal process.
This performs superior thermal resistance and gas resistance among FFKM articles.
DU551 Article with super thermal resistance. Higher thermal resistance with the performance of DU353 (E) maintained.
One of the highest thermal resistance performance among FFKMs.
DU3R1 (E) Standard article for plasma process.
Low weight change and low dusting with oxygen and fluorine plasmas
DU341 The highest performance in plasma process, with high resistance to fluorine radicals
DU354 Article for cleaning process.
Excellent resistance to chemicals such as strong acids and strong alkalis, and extremely low metal elution.

Selection Chart of DUPRA by Application

Process Sealing Material Application Environment Recommended Article No.
Temperature Gas type
Thermal Process Thermal Resistance LPCVD
Lamp Anneal
O2, H2O, H2O2, O3,NH3, SiH4, N2, HCI,NF3, CIF3, F2, HF, etc DU551
DU353 (E)
Plasma Process Plasma Resistance HDPCVD
CF4, O2, HBr, Cl2,NH3, SiH4, H2O, Vaper, TEOS, NF3,CIF3, F2, HF, etc DU341
DU3R1 (E)
DU353 (E) / DU551
Cleaning Process Chemical Resistance Cleaning
SC-1, SC-2, O3, HF,H2SO4, H2OVaper,IPA, H2O2, NH3,Hydroxilamine etc DU354

Application Examples

  • Components for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • Semiconductor Valve Seats