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We have technologies able to offer total solutions for products from fluoropolymer materials to fluoropolymer processed products and final products.

Fluoroplastic Formulation Technology

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    Our coating material formulation technology and coating processing technology are combined to propose coating films that meet your needs.
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    PCTFE molded products with CNT (carbon nanotube) added
    We offer products imparted with additional performance allowed by adding fillers to fluorine base polymers.
    Our original compound products, such as products imparted with conductive properties to fluoropolymers with high insulation properties, fluoropolymer films with a higher thermal hardness, and O-rings with excellent plasma resistance, have been adopted in a wide range of applications.

Designing of Molding Tools

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    01.Designing of Molding Tools
    We propose products that meet your application needs, in addition to general standard size products. Please feel free to contact us.
    Our molding tool design is utilized in molding of materials in size approximate to your product resulting in reduction of resin loss and cost, as well as in molding of optimal special shape sealing materials by using structural analysis software.

02 Clean System for Manufacture and Inspection Environment

Capable of manufacturing products in an atmosphere of clean room facilities where particles in air are monitored and controlled to not allow any slight contaminations or foreign matters

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03 Quality Control System Quality

We review and improve our processes on a daily basis, and have a system in place to provide even better quality.

Inspection System

We use a variety of evaluation and analysis equipment to control the quality of our products. We have a system in place that allows us to conduct a wide range of inspections, including evaluation of physical properties and analysis of foreign substances, in accordance with the quality standards of each product and the requirements of our customers. In addition to inspections using the equipment, we also perform visual inspections to sort out and remove defective products and to sort out non-conforming products in the production line, thereby providing products with stable quality through such thorough inspections.

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Quality Management System

We have acquired ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for quality management systems. In order to stably provide products with the quality required by our customers, we are constantly striving to improve and upgrade our products to achieve a higher level of quality on a daily basis. We live up to our customers’ trust through the highest quality.